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Community Initiatives

In this section I want to inspire local groups to embark on comprehensive community initiatives around sustainable transport. The idea is to provide a basic template that can act as a source of ideas from which further development and creativity can be sparked.

Click on the links above to view or download a sample brochure for a community run green travel initiative. The brochure contains lots of ideas for events and ways to engage your community over a 3 or 6 month period of time on issues of sustainable transport.

This particular initiative was run in Staveley, Cumbria in 2009 by a local community group. It was based on ideas contained within the UK Sustainable Travel Towns programme, and aimed to take the best practices from those flagship projects, which were run by local authorities at great expanse, and develop them so that they can be run by a local community group at massively reduced cost, and yet still be effective.

The initiative also included a programme of marketing of sustainable transport to local residents, which you can find more details about here: community targeted marketing initiatives.

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