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Stickers & Posters

I’d love to be able to offer all groups and individuals free stickers and posters, but I can’t, I’m not funded as of yet. However, I think the posters below would make for great thought provoking stickers to put on lamposts, car parks, billboards, noticeboards, and various other public spaces in your town or city.

Click on and download one of the images below and order your own biodegradeable stickers here. Choose the size, shape (rectangular), and number of stickers you want (thousands!), then upload the image you want to use, pay for your order, and you’re done! You’ll get your stickers in about a week and then you’re ready to spread the word. Just make sure not to put stickers on peoples cars or private property as that would be very anti-social and you also risk getting arrested and having angry confrontations.

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